Strong Drunk Hands

by We'll Go Machete

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released August 18, 2011

Recorded in May 2011 by Matt Smith at EAR studio, Austin, TX. Mastered by Carl Saff. Cedar Fever Records CF07.


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We'll Go Machete Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Miser
Stuck in the cell
Hand down the trail
I would never think of giving you anything more than you were asking

Dinner for one
Nursing the ale
I would never think of giving you anything more than you were asking for

All that crust
Can fend for itself

Don't ask for much
I'll point to the cake
It's already right there
Track Name: DM Barringer
Serve the flat bread, serve it up with paste
All the fish are eating salt for breakfast
They need a sharp sound to push out their legs

Counted out wrong, counted out to death
They've been looking in the wrong direction
They need a sharp sound to clear out their way
Track Name: Kids In Front
Grab the fast food life
Grasp a hold of the wheel
Down, suspend that yell

Start running sweat
Start getting bored
Put the kids up in front

Yeah you started, you started a war

You gotta dig it up
Before the breakdown
You gotta stock it up
What's left of it
A piece of get up, a piece of go
You gotta get back your world

Step out of self
Toss the shirt in the freeze
Put the kids up in front
Track Name: Number 13
The grease shines clothes and primped hair
Just like a bold joke on cocaine
The signs point to yes in full swing... a hit, a hit
The signs point to yes with no hands

The money drops down, a sure win
The bases are covered with Cool Wit
The signs point to yes in full swing... a hit, a hit
The signs point to yes with no hands

Flash in pan
Track Name: Robber Baron
Wash the cannon
Prime the Gatling

Step out to the red fight
One shot away
They'll rot in your hands

They flash their dull knives
You laugh with hate
They'll rot in your hands

Put on your kill shirt
Soiled black and rank
They'll rot in your hands

Your motives have started to sway

One shot away
Track Name: Sad Sack
Wanted to jump fast
He's all fired up with flash

Showed up sure faced
Shouting all his distant plans

His ideas are sunburnt
Details are scars and cracked skin
With arid mouth, he tries to spit

The wind is strong with no back
Ships headed to the target in full snail
A belly dive to belly up

Prodding a story
Caught in all the threaded strands

Always assured
This time he won't get stuck in sand

Colorless emotions
Backed by the wrong insurance
He's boasting operatic plans

Swaying around the bullets
Fox trotting to the rhythms of mud drums
Go running, not for any cause

Sucking the souls in
Level the playing fields with sap

Stuck in the tar pit
Stuck in oil and making camp
Track Name: Hayward
That dog is circling victims
He's got a will to be a shark
He shows it's teeth to one man
That man just rips and pulls them out

Size them

His tail's in his legs
He tucked it up
Track Name: So Long Flatfoot
We all asked him to go to hell
He went down to try and find it

Three steps and all is well
Foot slips as he stares at his hand… Descend
Track Name: Good Morning Munro
Gear up, the roach is waking, spit floods the breath
Dirt water stalls my hunger, sweet on the dirt
I can clear the room but I can't clear out the dread
Tie it around my finger, the string along
Track Name: 40 Feet
Wait, turn around
The length, used and drowned
40 feet to sea break

Taste the dirty salt
Laced with chemicals
40 feet to sea break

Man I swear it looks too far to swim
Something will surely take us before the water ends