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Recorded 8/14 and 4/15 by Chico Jones at OHM Recording Facility, Austin, TX. Mastered by Carl Saff. We’ll Go Machete is Rachel Fuhrer (drums), Chris May (bass), and Paul Warner (guitar/yapyap)


released July 7, 2015

Cedar Fever Records CF08. Positive People written by Trans Am (℗ 2002 Thrill Jockey).


all rights reserved



We'll Go Machete Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Absence
Flies will stop and stare
Before they feast on moldy bread
Flies will stare

Built like a neurotic squirrel
Huff the fumes we’re running on
Lights just dim

Time keeps pushing on
Cars will screech their favorite song
On deaf ears
Track Name: Drawstring
I started floating out towards
Ceilings and windows under duress

I started crawling away from
Bold escape plans under duress

The frantic noise that triggers
Separation under duress

The groans that match my outlook
Law of attraction under duress
Track Name: The Bardo
Recall the top hat
Covered in black art
He started to make us soar
Then robbed our purses

Pulled down to prison
Escape through water
They were trying to steal our names
Saved by our mothers

Dressed as a woman
Spewing nonsense
Talking over the ancient call
Ignore the input
Track Name: Strasberg Air
Who let you in?

Lied with a grin
Lied to keep soaring
The stewards were sold

Chalk it up as a win
Up as a bold win

Lied with a grin
Not so steady now
Lied to keep soaring
Almost steady now
The stewards were sold
Oh so steady now

They ran out of drinks
You ran out of stories
Track Name: Scratch Built
Washed worn
Deep steps
Pale skin is thin but holds tight
It won’t give to prods or force tests

Scratch built
Off track
Tied tight with rusty live wires
Now hold still, they try

An old man with a spry mind
An old man with restless cold hands

Thumbs down the ride share
He walks with plans in pocket
He’s far from lonely
Track Name: Break the Kettles
Strikes red
The host is crumbling down

Soft kick, soft kick, punch, start running
Lost all the ease of your solid footing
The wheels on the whale are about to fold in
Past all the stops where you could still see starting
Track Name: Shot Giant
Grab them and throw them
Through a high powered wormhole
Toss those short little words

(And they go)
It sucks to wait
It sucks to sit down

All runny and post tense
Thoughts competing for head space.
All those charged little words

Out of the pulse thread
Track Name: Cigarettes and Face Masks
Hot tempered with guns
Swarm in, the bees are heated

Fists, stingers, and buzz
Long reaches stopped with tasers

Fire standing its ground
Burnt sleeves are tracked with needles

Cries that don’t bring help
Cries that fall short
Then the thought of giving in
A time to reset
16, 17, 18 moments gone, no longer tasted
No longer causing harm
Cries that don’t bring help
A time to reset
Track Name: Molten Tiny Cell
Can’t stop the tail, stop from swinging
After it’s own demands
Beliefs and spells are impeding
The forward strokes to land

Damn it for the noise it’s been making
And for fogging up the path
Can not set sail until there’s beacons
A marker, a point, a plan

Caught up in the swell
Track Name: Dust Storms May Exist
Long spits, choking on the horse
Messages encoded, smeared and scorched
The rider checks his throat
The neck still pulses from his last warm laughter

Onward, roll

Brief shade that covers skin and bone
Burn breaks through soggy wraps and air
The rider checks his throat
The neck still pulses from his last warm laughter