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released September 18, 2018

Recorded June 6, 2018 by Seth Gibbs and Jimmy Wilcott at Sweetheart Studios, Austin, TX. Mastered by Carl Saff. We’ll Go Machete is Rachel Fuhrer (drums), Chris May (bass), and Paul Warner (guitar/yapyap)

Cedar Fever Records CF09


all rights reserved



We'll Go Machete Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Sack of Flies
Harsh silence
A tense smile
Some big worries
Attached like tentacles

A worn movement
All the little dams crack
Flows sewage
Away it goes

Grows shoes first
Bottom bloats
Trip forward
A crash of toes

Drop inward
And all the running things flash
There goes their stories
Their last show
Track Name: Cost to Feed
Archers strike first
Kill lots of words
Falling trees
Sergeant sits down
He cedes the land
Cost to feed

Come on
Here’s the story that will surely sell
Are you with us? Are you in?

Starts with a bend
Then preens and folds
Cold and clean
Now it’s just bland
Without the war
Cost to feed
Track Name: Soft Spots
Needles changing hands
Sticking all the ends in soft spots
Running out of entry

Pouring acid rain
Smallest little friends take first hit
Bend the view from pity
Look straight ahead

Termites slurping wood
Houses barely stand on torn sticks
But they’re selling them as sturdy

Hiding cans of gas
Light a few at night, wait, slowly
Burning all the cities
Look straight ahead
Track Name: Minimally Invasive Surgery
Hiding behind steps
Let yourself go
Try not so hard to protect yourself
I can only steal your backbone from your body

Dim your clothes stains
Turn your glance down
Open your arms to my drunk hands
I can only steal your backbone from your body
Track Name: Runny Puppy
Some shiny bright thing
I’m grasping, strong hold
Automatic sure win
Full shaded whole heart

Unnoticed first signs
Low tremors in fault
Remove the dropped pins
Erase the skid marks

Subtle glow
Horizon to ease the soul
Track Name: A Rasp
Shut down their dull restraint head on
Yeah, started chasing a dog
Propped up with cross stitched waves of lust
All a rasp, a rasp, a rasp

Rolls through with forty snakes pulsing
Yeah, forty snakes to a song
Junk ham and salt to waste on deck
All a rasp, a rasp, a rasp
Track Name: Clown Car
Bombs away, then we shut the door
Slight whirl, done this shit before
My way… I’m getting used to it
I can’t quit

One to one, now I’m 40 plus
Harsh slur, push the words out slow
Total is... I owe the bank some more
I can’t quit

Out cold, but body’s doing tasks
(In the) small world, but not much getting done
Result’s the same and not much earned from it but
I can’t quit

Dunk the hold, drowning feelings fast
Ghost arm, slapping through the acts
A nice taste… I’ve come to sleep in it and
I can’t quit